New Blessings

I meant Ashley at our local homeschool co op and I knew that I wanted to know more of her story. I had asked her on several occasions to photograph her family but it never seemed to work out. Fast forward to it working out with the birth of their third daughter Kinsley.

I asked Ashley what lead to her choosing to adopt. I am always interested in learning people’s why. She told me that as a young adult she had read a chapter book that was about a girl who had been in the foster system and was later adopted. Ashley stated that when she was dating her future husband to be, Austin, she mentioned her dream to adopt and it was a match as he too shared her vision for their family.

She shared that they were in the process of getting their certification to adopt while she was working in the church nursery, when a friend told her to get in touch with her best friend. The best friend’s niece and nephew needed adoption and were currently with their grandparents. As their story fell into place, they meant their two future children on her birthday at a McDonalds. Things progressed through the system with severance and time spent acclimating themselves to each other. With the grandparents blessing, their two oldest children, Olivia and Jayden became a part of their family. They would go on to adopt another young boy also.

Ashley handles her kiddos with love and grace but I know that those families who adopt can use support. Ashley shared ways in which others can support those who do adopt. Here are a few of her suggestions, bring a meal, donate clothes or baby items, and gift cards to the grocery or grub hub. I appreciated the new insight and awareness that she brought to my attention and know that I will be looking to how I can help support others.