About Nicki Balzarini

Hello and Welcome! I am so glad that you found me! My creative journey began at a young age. My parents fed into my creativity and gave me outlets to try different creative expressions. They gave me a disposable camera which I took around the neighborhood taking pictures of anything that caught my eye. Then in high school, I took a photography class and learned about the more technical aspects of photography.

I went to college and pursued a degree in education because it seemed the safe thing to do. I met my husband, David, while at college and have been married for 17 years. The birth of my first son renewed my passion for photography, but not until I got my first DSLR was I able to explore my creative outlet. All the technical aspects from high school came flooding back and I found myself loving documenting our son’s life from birth. As I found myself documenting our time at home (in addition to two more children), milestones, and our outings, I noticed two things: I got better and it made me more grateful. The more photographs I took of my family, the more I found myself enjoying life through photography. I noticed more of the little things. I wanted to remember that my oldest loved his blanket for security, that my middle child sucked his thumb, and that my daughter found comfort in sucking her index and middle finger. I got into photography groups and found photographers I admired. I began to notice a shift in what I wanted for my own photos, and began to hone in on my passion to capture people at their best. I wanted connection and togetherness. I then realized what I captured for my family is what I wanted for my clients and vice versa. So continues my passion today to elevate my craft, to learn what I can, and to get out and create.