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New Blessings

I meant Ashley at our local homeschool co op and I knew that I wanted to know more of her story. I had asked her on several occasions to photograph her family but it never seemed to work out. Fast forward to it working out with the birth of their third daughter Kinsley.


Earlier this year, I dove into panning briefly. It was a thing for me to try and check off my box of learning. However with the lack of practice, I sort of forgot about it till my recent purchase of a breakout session on documenting the ordinary where panning was discussed.

Moments of our day

I decided now would be the perfect time to start a blog. To share a bit of my life and journey. I thought about how I could use my time wisely and learn and grow during this time. So during this time I have purchased education, am trying to run my own website (please pray for me), practice and look at things differently and appreciate our home life.