Cake Smash

I love the Jeter Family! As Katie (mom) sweetly reminded me, I have photographed all three of their children’s newborn sessions as well as their first birthday photos. As I was driving to the session, I repeatedly got weather alerts about a storm that was coming in. My mind kept wondering whether to move forward or to reschedule. Having three kiddos of my own and knowing the work that goes into me getting ready for a session, I headed to the location. Mama wanted some family photos before the cake smash because well, cakes are a hot mess.

I want to mention that these weren’t just ordinary family portraits either. You see last year I photographed Brandan,  the dad, with his mother and sister. Unfortunately his mother passed away earlier this year and his sister came to live with them. So my mind is racing on how to pose Brandan with his wife, Katie, and sister, Jaycee, and not have it look like sister wives. I always like to do a ton of pictures as an insurance policy so to speak so that I can ensure that I have enough great images. However the weather began to pick up and I knew I had to get to cake smash pictures to get in all in.

Katie (mom) thought that Brianna would be the child to dig into her cake. Brianna most assuredly loved playing in the cake and it was fun to watch her. We definitely let her play with it. Afterwards her family cleaned her up and grabbed a few last pictures before heading to the car. Happy 1st Birthday Brianna!