Moments Of Our Day

I decided now would be the perfect time to start a blog. To share a bit of my life and journey. I thought about how I could use my time wisely and learn and grow during this time. So during this time I have purchased education, am trying to run my own website (please pray for me), practice and look at things differently and appreciate our home life. When the kids were younger and adorable, I had no problem photographing my kids. In fact I was pretty diligent with Project Life where I would take a picture a day. It was a great discipline but soon it became overwhelming and well life. I have to say that it made me see the blessing in the little things.  

So here are a few photos I took this morning. My daughter, believe it or not, is by far my best mess maker. I had cleaned up yesterday’s mess when she started dragging out all the blankets and sleeping bags for a fort. I realized I should have left it alone and let her play. Here I was able to capture some of the moments. I love how the sleeping bag matches the color of her eyes. I confess that I don’t photograph my oldest as much as I should. So today when he was reading his assignment, I captured these moments.